Celebrating Canadian Dance - ​​A Biennial Ode to Canadian Choreography through the dance: made In canada/fait au canada Festival

The mission of d:mic/fac is to showcase the vibrant and diverse voices of Canadian contemporary choreographers. The festival involves and supports artists in all different stages of their careers (including myself as a dance writer). It focuses on experimentation, collaboration and the breaking down of barriers of different Canadian geographies.

The d:mic/fac festival's inception dates back to 2001, with its very first editions taking place at the old Dancemakers' Studio from 2001 to 2004. It t

A Surprise Double Proposal on Canada's Bruce Trail

The best time to sign up for an adventure is a bottle of red wine deep into watching the International Banff Film Festival on a cozy couch, right? While viewing the incredible feats of ultra-distance athletes and extreme climbers, my partner Sadie turned to me and said she had always dreamed of running the entire Bruce Trail. I grew up hiking the path with my father but had never thought of hiking the entire thing until that moment. I simply said, “Let's do it!”

Fearless Physicality: Athleticism in Toronto’s professional wrestling scene

Grown men in tights that aren’t ballerinos?! Must be the century-old art form of professional wrestling! Its blend of dramatic storytelling and raw athleticism has a unique way of keeping audiences on the edge of their seat.

Most of us associate professional wrestling with its 1980s camp, the golden age of Hulk Hogan and André the Giant. But this underground subculture is still going strong, as today’s professional wrestlers mix different performance techniques into their matches. Professional

An Unexpected (But Surprisingly Appropriate) Career Transition: From Dancer to Pro Wrestler

Although the dance world has its fair share of divas, there is a different type of diva that's coming out of the dance studio.

"Diva" is the coined term for a female professional wrestler in the World Wrestling Entertainment organization. More than a few dancers—as well as gymnasts and cheerleaders—have taken their training and applied it to successful careers in this comical yet physically grueling art form.

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